Active, on-trend entertainment for any theme, guaranteed to keep kids thoroughly engaged.

Across Melbourne, Australia

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“My boy is too old for traditional party games. I want to do something really cool this year that will keep the kids from getting bored and running riot through the house!”

Our party entertainment is different.

We take the latest playground trends and turn them into awesome party activities,  including mad science classesJedi academiesPokemon hunting and more.

We will provide party entertainment for any theme!

We start by asking you what your child loves to do and find out about your mix of guests and your venue. Then we come up with a plan of fabulous ideas that will be just right for you.

Harry Potter potions party Easy Breezy Parties Melbourne
Frozen party entertainment Easy Breezy Parties Melbourne

“I have guests ranging from age 1 to 7 years. How can we possibly keep them all entertained?”

We focus on hands-on fun, so the children are actively involved in their own entertainment rather than mere spectators. If you’ve got an energetic group of kids to entertain, we’ll be sure to keep them moving!

Our expertise extends across all age groups – from babies through to tweens. We know just what works for each age group, and have loads of experience managing multi-aged groups.

Find out just what we get up to in our party blog.


Operating across Melbourne, Australia

  • Up to 1.5 hours of unique entertainment (1 hour is recommended for children under age 5)
  • All supplies and prizes
  • Something for each child to take home – a craft they’ve made, loot from a treasure hunt, game prizes, etc.


$329 for up to 12 children; additional children $20 each


Price includes:

  • All supplies and prizes
  • Up to 2 hours party time before packup
  • Up to 45 mins travel from Greensborough, Melbourne.
  • Additional party time or travel will attract a small surcharge.

Face painting

Add on $80

Hire of child-height trestle tables and stools

$15 per table (seats 6); $2 per stool (max. 20 stools)

Want some help with your party?

Would I recommend you? HELL YES! Why? Coz people would be mad not to!

I am so truly grateful for you making the day so utterly special for my little man, and also for taking some pressure off parents, so that they could eat, catch up and chat, while casting their watchful eyes over their kids having a ball with you. It was so good for everyone to be able to relax and just enjoy themselves, rather than running around trying to entertain and keep watch over the children.

All of our guests have commented on how amazing you were, how you interacted so well with the little ones, how incredible the activities were and also how you just blended in and did your thing. It made my life so much easier and was absolutely worth every cent and more.

The kids all just warmed to you straight away and let me tell  you, my son is normally very cautious and takes a lot of time. You truly have a gift and made his day and ours so much better and memorable. He even went to kinder today and stood up in front of the class and told everyone about his “special entertainer party lady”!

You’re amazing, I can’t say it enough.

Leonie Akgoz

Reservoir, Fireman Sam 4th birthday party



Easy Breezy Parties Superhero theme Melbourne
Easy Breezy Parties Harry Potter theme Melbourne
Easy Breezy Parties Jedi academy party Melbourne
Pokemon Go party Easy Breezy Parties Melbourne

Thanks for such a great party. My friends commented how good it was to relax and enjoy a drink without worrying about the kids because they were all thoroughly entertained.

Not only did you cater so beautifully for a difficult theme with really creative activities, but you managed to keep all the different aged kids occupied at once. They all went away happy, and the girls enjoyed it every bit as much as the boys.

Lauren Libeson

Brighton, Space 4th birthday party

Kristian is still talking about the party.

I asked “What did you like the best?” and he replied “Absolutely everything”.

He had the best birthday party ever and said the only thing he would change about it would be the weather!

Activities, set up, the dance and everything was awesome. Thank you so much

Lisa Peterson

Reservoir, Minions 7th birthday party