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All Hail The Great DIY Party!

You could be forgiven for thinking that, nowadays, your party needs a 5-tiered cake, a giant balloon arch, professional entertainers, costumes for all and a pony dressed as a unicorn.

While those things might be nice, you don’t need them. Your DIY party efforts are enough. 

I was a high-end kid’s party planner and I want to tell you a secret…you don’t need to throw an expensive, Instagram-worthy party for your kids to love it!

Yep, if truth be told, the adults were often more excited about my awesome decorations and perfectly matched party favours, than the kids were.

And a lot of those parties you see on social media? They’re photo shoots. They’re designed to sell a dream, and they won’t keep a big bunch of hyped-up kids entertained.

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Sunshine themed party Easy Breezy Parties Melbourne

In my extensive experience, there’s one thing kids appreciate at a party above all else, and it’s this:


As far as our kids are concerned, the most memorable thing for them is the fun stuff they get to do. 

Sure, kids do appreciate seeing their favourite theme reflected in the decorations, but it doesn’t have to be perfect, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Your DIY efforts will be loved just as much. Oh, and kids very rarely eat the fancy food.

And this is why I’m parting ways with the modern party industry. It’s become too much. Too much expense. Too much pressure. Too much waste.

Our kids don’t appreciate it, it places too much stress on parents to achieve it, and our earth suffers for it.

My Easy Breezy Party Values

So here’s what Easy Breezy Parties does stand for. It’s what I believe our kids want, and what I think makes the party experience more enjoyable for all:

♥ Activity Focused – Kids remember the things they get to do most of all. So we focus on fun first.

♥ Kid Friendly Decorations – It’s a kid’s party, not a photo shoot. Let’s not create a mini wedding here.

♥ Achievable – Our guides are written for the average adult who doesn’t have an arts degree or endless time for party prep.

♥ Affordable – You don’t have to spend up big to make your party memorable.

♥ Less Wasteful – We can party in a way that’s environmentally responsible without being a beige-coloured party pooper.

About Fiona, Your DIY Party Guide

Hi, I’m Fiona, the founder of Easy Breezy Parties in Melbourne, Australia, and mum to one gorgeous little girl. As a kid’s party planner, I loved creating customised parties that reflected each child’s unique personality, and that have focused on active, hands-on fun.

But I have to admit, I became increasingly uncomfortable with the modern party industry. To me, it’s getting too excessive, too over-the-top, and becoming too far removed from what kids actually love most about their parties – fun.

Now that I’m no longer running client parties, I have time to focus on my new love – teaching others everything that I know. And, because I’m running this show, I can return to the values that I strongly believe in (that’s them up above). 

I’m an award winning writer, an experienced teacher and have run over 400 parties and workshops. I know my stuff, I know how to write about it, and I don’t hold back from sharing all my professional tips and tricks. I’m confident that, with my downloadable party guides, you’ll find everything you need to run an awesome and stress-free party. And nothing will give me more joy than that!

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