Journey this way, youngling, and a Jedi you will become… with these amazing Star Wars party ideas.


Little Adi loves Lego, and especially his Star Wars sets. So for his fourth birthday, Easy Breezy Parties was hired to create a Star Wars themed party space, and to put the younglings through their training, at the Jedi Academy. This was such a fun party, which delighted both the adult Star Wars fans as well as the young Jedi.


Adi’s mum was keen to hold a Star Wars party, but wanted to incorporate Lego into the decoration to make it age-appropriate for the preschool aged children. So when creating my party setup, I combined Star Wars Lego images (available to download on the Lego website) with the bright colours of Lego blocks.

As guests entered the garden, they were directed to the party space with a sign of Yoda saying “This way, young Padawan, a Jedi you will become”. Around the corner lay a fabulously colourful candy buffet and party tables, along with the Jedi Academy a.k.a. back yard.

Star Wars party signs Easy Breezy Parties

The candy buffet prompted many an ooh and ahh from the guests, and I was especially proud of my 3D backboard. I create a Lego block look using disposable plates stuck on a matching coloured backdrop. Layered over that were printed Star Wars characters. Then, I glued real live lightsabers onto their hands. These sabers had lights inside that could be switched on (though that effect wasn’t useful in the daylight!). The whole backdrop was edged in glued-on Lego blocks. While this all looked fantastic, it actually proved quite difficult to transport to the party in tact. You live and learn!

Star Wars Lego dessert buffet Easy Breezy Parties

The Lego block look was further carried through with Lego-look party bags, bunting and drink bottles, to which I also added Star Wars printable labels and figures. Along with jars of candy, the buffet also held bubble wands with lightsaber handles, and signs to ‘smuggle some loot back to your home planet’ and ‘search your feelings and choose your lightsaber’. Of course, these movie references were completely lost on the kids, but the adults loved them.

Star Wars party favour lightsaber bubble wands Easy Breezy Parties

Another fun detail on the sit down party table was the laminated inserts I created to fit inside the plates. I made these using images from the Lego website. If I can find more square plates, this is a trick I’ll use again, because it really helped incorporate the theme right across the table. Finally, there were mini-signs saying “Eat well young Jedi” and “Hungry, you are”.

Star Wars Lego party table Easy Breezy Parties

Photography by Silvergum Photography.

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Star Wars Party Printables Easy Breezy Parties

The Jedi Academy

For the party games, we decided to run a Jedi training academy. Each of the younglings was given a brown belt to wear during the course of their training, along with a Jedi Academy badge.

I created a sign to explain the purpose of each exercise.

  • A Jedi must focus – egg and spoon race
  • A Jedi must be agile – obstacle course
  • A Jedi must fight well – lightsaber training
  • A Jedi must play fair – pass the parcel
  • Jedi Wars!

A Jedi Must Focus

For this exercise, we ran a simple egg-and-spoon race….without the race. Each of the kids was given a plastic egg (which contained a Star Wars toy), and a spoon, then took turns to focus on walking from one end of the garden to the other. To make things tricky, they had to step through a hoop at the end. This was a nice, simple game to start with, and some of the shyer kids needed to hold Dad’s hand to get started. Once they made it to the end, they opened up their eggs and got to keep the toy inside.

Star Wars party entertainment Easy Breezy Parties

A Jedi Must Be Agile

Before the party, I set up a laser-beam web on the ground using tent pegs and red wool. Adi’s family also had a climbing frame that looked very much like a sunken Death Star. So we got the kids to first run through the laser beams, then climb through the death star, and finally dash to the finish line while I sprayed them with lightening rays (silly string). This was great fun, and it was interesting to see the different ways each child approached the laser web. Some needed a little help, others raced through like a Jedi Master.

Star Wars Party Game Ideas Easy Breezy Parties

A Jedi Must Fight Well

And now it came time to learn some lightsaber skills. I created lightsabers using pool noodles and a printable lightsaber hilt. My assitant Rey from Jakku called on her Taikwando training to demonstrate some basic saber strokes while the children copied. Then we paired them up to practice blocking each other’s strokes. Amazingly, no one got out of control and bopped another kid on the head!

Star wars Jedi Academy Party Easy Breezy Parties

After that, it was time for a group practice. Rey and I blew bubbles while the kids ran around popping them with their lightsabers. The kids loved this unstructured activity, and kept at it for a long time. Easy work for us!

A Jedi Must Play Fair

Whenever I run a party, I ask the kids what their favourite game was. Would you believe, they almost always say ‘pass the parcel’? And so I decided to incorporate the game into the Jedi Academy. We ran the game as normal, with a Star Wars colouring book as the central prize and sherbert straw lightsabers wrapped into each layer for every child. (See my hints on how to wrap a pass the parcel here).

Awards Ceremony

After all that training, it was declared that the younglings had all mastered the Jedi arts and were now all recoginsed as Jedi Knights. They removed their training belts and were presented with a graduation certificate. And without further ado, it was time for…

Jedi Wars!

I divided the children into two groups and gave each group a tub of pre-filled water balloons. To ensure things didn’t get too out of control I got the Jedi’s to stand behind two pool noodles, so they were far enough apart that there wouldn’t be any Jedi carnage. I was also going to arm some of them with silly string guns, but the string had run out during the obstacle race.

What a fun way to end the party games!

Party Cake And Favours

After the rigours of training, it was time to cut the cake (an amazing creation by Adi’s Mum), sing Happy Birthday and head off home. Each of the Jedi took home a bubble wand, their certificate and badge, and a bag full of candy from the buffet table. Along with the satisfaction of having graduated to become Jedi Knights.

Star Wars Birthday Cake Easy Breezy Parties

With thanks to Silvergum Photography for the fabulous photos, and Jamie’s family for allowing us to record their celebration.

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