Pinterest is full of inspiring Frozen themed party photos, but most of these set-ups rely on a BIG budget that’s beyond many a parent. So here is my own modest take on the Frozen theme. My approach? Quality printables coupled with cheap party supplies, plus a pinch of creativity and time.


There are many Frozen themed printables out there – search ‘Frozen’ on, or take a look at these free printables. In case you’re not familiar with party printables, they are sent to you as an electronic file, which you then print off as you need. Some designs include personalised details, such as party invitations.

To get the best bang for your buck, consider purchasing a complete set which contains all the items you need, including an invitation. However, take into account the printing cost of each item and think about whether you will use larger items such as banners and popcorn boxes. Printing off a banner can be expensive, as you usually need a page for every 2 letters. On the other hand, 2 inch circles are great, as you print a lot to a page, and they can be used as cupcake toppers, bag seals, as decoration on envelopes, etc.

Use good quality card – around 200gsm thickness for cupcake toppers and boxes, 160-200gsm for invitations and place cards. If you’d like to stick an image on things, you can buy label sheets with 1 label per sheet (ie: there are no divisions on the page) and print onto that. I find using label paper gives a much better finish than trying to glue one piece of card onto another. If you don\’t have a good quality printer at home, consider taking them to an outside provider (in Australia, Officeworks offers affordable, quality printing).

Other Party Supplies

The beauty of using printables is you can jazz up cheaper supplies with them. Select a colour scheme or pattern that’s easy to find – I’ve used blue with white polka dots, plus white paper doilies. Flimsy items such as doilies can be turned into great tags using a laminator. In Australia, great places to find cheap party supplies are The Reject Shop, Spotlight, Kmart (also check the kids craft section), party shops and bargain stores.

Invitations And Thank-You Cards

Frozen party invitations

I printed these invitations (found on, but no longer available) on photo quality card. Because you can’t write on the back of this card, I printed extra party details on label paper, stuck it on some fancy parchment, and attached it to the invitation using a tiny split-pin. Note: this might have been a costly exercise, but I used up leftover supplies.

For the thank-you cards, I printed four images per single label sheet, then stuck the labels to some pre-folded cards I purchased from the craft section Kmart – these came in a 50 pack of plain cards and envelopes, and were a great bargain find.

I made matching envelopes by copying one of the 2 inch circle images into Microsoft Publisher, and printing directly onto the plain envelopes. If your program or printer can\’t do this, you can print the circles onto a label sheet and stick them on instead.

Cupcake Containers And Party Bags

My little party goers will be taking home a cupcake each, plus a few small prizes they’ll be putting into party bags as they go.

For the cucpake boxes, I purchased cheap Chinese takeaway style containers, along with a 50-pack of mini doilies. I stapled a doily on each box, then stuck on a 2 inch circle, which I’d printed on a label sheet.

I couldn’t find matching paper party bags, so instead opted for plastic bags, then stuck a thank you label from the printables set on each. To make the bags look a little more exciting, I added a hanging laminated doily by catching the ribbon under the thank you sticker. Each doily has a Frozen themed name label (purchased from ebay) affixed, and I’ll be writing the kids names on these as they arrive.

Drink Bottles

And finally, here are my Frozen themed drink bottles…with yet more laminated doilies! I’ll be writing the kids names on these so they can re-fill and even take their bottles home. These were made using plastic bottles from The Reject Shop. I wrapped them with a strip of wrapping paper, poked a hole in the lid using heavy duty scissors, and created a label out of a laminated doily. A great way to make even tap water look gourmet!

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