How do I make a booking?

It’s simple – you pay a 50% deposit (via direct deposit) and your party date is secured!

But before that, you will email or call me with an enquiry about your party. We will discuss what you’re after, and I’ll confirm my availability and send you through a written quote, which will include the required deposit amount and direct deposit details.

Once your deposit is received, I’ll email you a booking confirmation, to let you know your party date has been secured.  I only do one party per day, so if you’re not sure of your party time, we can sort that out later.

Then I’ll send you a questionnaire to gather important details about your party and the choices you have within your selected package, and we’ll start planning your party in greater detail.

How far in advance should I book?

Generally, my diary fills about 6-8 weeks in advance, but this really does vary. Autumn and Spring are very busy party seasons, and can book out earlier than that. So it’s ideal to plan at least 2 months ahead.

However, I sometimes have gaps in my schedule, so if it’s getting close to party day, still make an enquiry and you might be in luck. I generally need a minimum of 2 weeks to pull off a party in a new theme.

Note that you can book your party date without knowing exactly what you want. So if you’re unsure what service you’re after or what venue you’ll use, just pay your deposit to secure your date, and we can work out the details later.


When and how do I pay?

Your package price will be quoted as ‘$899 for up to 12 guests, plus $30 per extra”, or similar. Upon booking, you will pay a 50% deposit of the package price by direct deposit. I’ll let you know the exact amount at the time of quoting.

The remainder of your fee will become payable on party day. We will chat on the Tuesday or Wednesday before your party, to confirm final numbers, and I will confirm your final amount. I will provide an invoice for that amount, and you can pay it in cash on the day, or by direct deposit by close of business Thursday, to allow for processing times.

I don't know how many kids are coming. Is that OK?

It’s a modern day problem that people don’t RSVP to parties!

At the time of booking, just let me know how many people you are inviting, so I have some idea of the work involved. About 2 weeks in advance, I’ll want to have a reasonably close idea (eg: 12-15 guests). We will confirm the numbers you’d like me to supply for on the Tuesday before party day, and your final price will be set at that time.

I recommend putting an ‘RSVP by’ date that is one week before your party date. Then you have two more days to chase up late RSVPs. It’s not rude to do so! People are busy and genuinely forget, they won’t mind the reminder.

If you’re still uncertain, or are concerned you’ll have uninvited siblings joining in, I recommend having me supply for a few extra guests. While I can often include extra kids in party games, I only supply set numbers of party favours and crafts, so if in doubt, consider paying for a few extras.

A final note…if children don’t turn up on party day the final price doesn’t change, as I will have already made provision for those children.

Can you organise cakes, furniture hire, etc for me?

I am happy to organise certain things…but not others.

Yes, I will organise the following:

  • Balloons
  • Cookies, cupcakes

The price to you will be supply cost, delivery fees, and a planner’s fee of $40 for each supplier I need to organise.

In addition, I have enough child-height tables and stools to seat up to 20 children, as well as a trestle table to place your candy buffet on. The use of these items is already included in our ‘Pop Up Party’ and ‘Gala Event’ packages, and can be added on to our entertainment package at additional cost.

I do not organise the following, but will happily refer you to some great suppliers I know of:

  • Full cakes
  • Additional furniture, prop or marquee hire

The above items generally require a lot more liaison with you, as there are many questions that only you can answer (What flavour? What icing? How many layers? When will you be home for delivery and pickup? etc etc). So I have found that acting as a go-between ends up wasting more time for everybody than it is helpful!

If I provide some of the supplies myself, can I get a discount?

This is a tricky one…but the answer is generally, no.

Party supplies are the smallest portion of my cost – most of the cost is in the labour in preparation, set up/pack up and running the party on the day. So even if you provide your own party bags or cut down on the number of lollies, for eg,  it doesn’t make a big difference in my costs.

It also makes my job more tricky when you provide some of your own supplies – I have to try and build a decorative setup around items I can’t see, and I often end up having to create additional decorations to make up for what’s missing, in order to get the same quality look that you’re paying me for. And then there are the times I’ve had clients say they’ll provide party bags, only to forget…

So if you want to provide your own supplies (perhaps you’ve already bought some), what I will do is allocate the money I would have spent on those items back into your party. So I may be able to spend more on crafts or game prizes, for eg.

Having said that, you are very welcome to add extra decorations, party favours, etc if you’d like to. Some mums find it really fun to shop and create things! Have a chat to me about your ideas and we’ll make sure we’re not doubling up.

I have loads of party ideas I want you to incorporate. Can you make this thing I saw on Pinterest?

I am very happy to listen and discuss how I might incorporate them. We can use Pinterest boards to share colour schemes and decoration styles for inspiration.

I have a certain style and method of decorating, that allows me to achieve a gorgeous look in only 2 hours of setup time. If you look through the photos in my portfolio, you’ll become familiar with my ‘look’. When you’re after something a lot different, or extra, I’m happy to discuss this. Sometimes I may be able to create what you’re after (for eg, a photo prop) or outsource it (eg: balloon sculptures). There will be additional costs for supplies and labour, plus additional setup/packup time involved.

Please note that I place a high value on ethical business conduct, and will not completely copy another artists’ work or party setup. I will take inspiration from another’s work and put my own spin on it.

For party entertainment, please let me know as much as possible about what your child likes or dislikes. I love to tailor activities to suit their personalities, and am very happy to incorporate their favourite games.

I don't have time to think about the details. Can I leave it all to you?

If you don’t want to think about the details, I will ask as little as possible of you!

You will need to provide me with certain details about your venue, and select the choices within your package (eg: choose a candy buffet or sundae station).  You’ll also need to approve any invitations before they’re printed. But after that, I can do all the creative thinking for you.

If I’m providing entertainment, you will also need to tell me what types of activities your child likes. I will then come up with a party plan and you’ll just need to let me know if you’re happy with that.