The love of all things ‘Frozen’ starts young. Here are lots of Disney Frozen themed party activities to suit pre-school aged children.

Tahlia loves Disney’s Frozen movie. For her fourth birthday, I was hired to entertain her and 15 friends with themed craft, games and activities. The party was such a wonderful success that I’m sharing what we did here.

Tiara Decorating

I start all my ‘Frozen’ parties with this activity, as it’s such a big hit with all age groups. I printed off tiaras from this free download, along with a few reindeer antlers for any non-tiara-loving boys or girls. I set out stick-on rhinestones, foam shapes and textas for the kids to decorate with, along with Frozen themed colouring pages to keep the early arrivers busy.

Hint: Don’t forget to write the name of each child on the back of their tiara, so they can take it home. Also, attach the elastic beforehand or you’ll spend half the party tying tiaras!

Frozen party games

Disney’s Frozen Treasure Hunt

Next we braved the wintry weather for a themed treasure hunt in the garden. I’ve got to say, Elsa’s dress is not very appropriate wear for the cold! Nevertheless, all the little Elsas loved running around finding their treasures. We collected them in a big tub, ready to be evenly distributed amoungst the party bags later on.

I created this treasure hunt using a combination of party favours (the rings and wands) and laminated paper cutouts (the tiaras and Olaf noses). Cotton wool balls were used for snowballs.

Pin The Carrot Nose On Olaf

Back inside in the warm, we played pin the carrot nose on Olaf. By this time, the kids were here, there and everywhere…as is inevitably the case with pre-school aged parties. So I got the kids up a few at a time to pin the carrot, while the others coloured in or played with Tahlia’s toys.

I printed off this poster image from, but unfortunately it no longer seems to be available. I cut the carrot noses out of orange card.

Frozen party game ideas

Pass The Parcel

Next it was time for everybody’s favourite game – pass the parcel – to the Frozen movie soundtrack. I had trouble finding a Frozen themed central prize, so used a Disney’s Princess bubble blower instead. The lucky winner seemed happy with that, and all the other children liked the candy bracelets I wrapped into each layer.

Wrapping a pass-the-parcel neatly is not an easy task when it needs seventeen layers! Here are my tips for wrapping your own parcel so it doesn’t look like a pass-the-disaster.

‘Let It Go’ Dance

I have choreographed an easy dance to Elsa’s theme song ‘Let It Go’, and I always finish my Frozen parties teaching this to the kids. Most of them really get into dancing, and it’s usually accompanied by very loud singing. Little girls sure do love stamping their feet and telling the world they’re not going to do as they’re told any more!

My choreography involves lots of arm movements that are easy to follow, along with stomping around the room. Co-ordinating both feet and arms together can be hard for kids who haven’t had any dance training, so it’s best to keep things simple.

Frozen Party Treats

These activities took up an hour or so, which is a perfect amount of activity for the pre-school age group. By this point, most of them are itching to eat. While the kids attacked the party food, I set up a make-your-own sundae station, with ice-cream, topping and sprinkles on a tray. This is a great way to take care of party desserts, as it’s very easy to set up, and I’ve not seen a kid who wasn’t totally excited by decorating their own sundae.

As the children departed, they took home a bag of marshmallows with a ‘pieces of Olaf’ topper. I made this topper myself, but there are plenty of free Frozen themed printables that can be adjusted to suit, at this website, or search ‘Olaf bag topper’ on Pinterest.

Frozen party treats


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