What a beautiful Frozen themed party, with an ice blue and snow white wonderland inspired by Disney’s ‘Frozen’ movie.

Phew, I feel as tired as Sven the Reindeer after hauling a big sleigh of ice! Isabella’s Frozen themed 5th birthday party was yesterday, and to say I put a lot of work into this one would be an understatement. But the beautiful decorations, set out in a sunny garden, and the delighted looks on the faces of 10 little princesses and 2 little snowmen, were worth every effort.

Party Decorations

This was a big job because my set up included erecting a marquee in the garden, along with all the tables and decorations. The white marquee provided perfect shade for the food tables, as well as a handy framework for hanging decorations. I’m a big fan of using coloured hanging mosquito nets as a backdrop – they’re affordable, and very quick to hang. I trimmed a blue mosquito net with blue and silver tinsel, picked up in the post-Christmas sales, and draped it onto the table.

The table centrepiece was Elsa’s castle – my own daughter’s play castle, redecorated to turn the red crenelations ice-blue – with a staircase of blue-frosted cupcakes leading up to the doors. With the addition of some acrylic ice blocks, it looked truly beautiful. Also on the table were blue-and-white cake boxes and individual drink bottles, which I decorated with paper doilies and Frozen themed printables.

Frozen themed party decorations Easy Breezy Parties

Making Tiaras

I always like to start my parties with a welcoming activity, such as creating a costume item that the children can then wear and take home. It gives them something to do when they first arrive and are often shy, and allows a grace period for late arrivals.  We decorated foam tiaras and reindeer antlers, made using this tiara pattern, with a tray full of stick-on foam shapes and rhinestones.

Frozen party tiaras Easy Breezy Parties

Rescue Olaf Treasure Hunt

Then, to get the games off to a running start, I handed out bags with a picture of Olaf the snowman on them, and told the children he had fallen apart rolling around the garden, and they had to find the pieces of his body. I had made pieces of Olaf by printing off a picture of him, cutting him up and laminating the pieces. To my amusement, several of the kids returned with multiple body parts for each snowman. We had fun sticking the pieces onto the picture on the bag, to check that he was all there.

Olaf Frozen treasure hunt Easy Breezy Parties

Ice Race

For the next game, I’d frozen some tiny figurines in ice blocks, and told the kids these were the citizens of Arundel, caught in an endless winter. The children had to run with their ice blocks from one end of the garden to the other, then melt the ice by pouring water on them, or using their hands. This kept them amused for quite some time, and they were delighted to then put their rescued citizens in named party bags, ready to take home.

Frozen themed game Easy Breezy Parties

Here’s a tip on freezing figurines in ice – it’s hard to freeze them in the centre of the block, because the figurines will tend to float to the surface. So fill each block only halfway with water, add the figurine and freeze. Then when that’s frozen, fill the water the rest of the way and freeze again. Now your figurines will be completely encased in the ice.

‘Let it Go’ Dance

Isabella loves to dance, so at her request I choreographed a dance to the Frozen theme song. I had much fun rehearsing in front of my bemused daughter at home, and then teaching the kids to move their hands like flurrying snowflakes, or shooting ice out of their palms like Elsa. I’d let the parents know that there would be a performance at pick-up time (a great way to ensure everyone arrives on time!), and together the kids and I put on a lovely dance show.

Frozen party dance Easy Breezy Parties

More Party Games

The rest of the party games we played were traditional favourites that the birthday girl had requested – pass-the-parcel, musical statues, musical chairs.

Frozen pass the parcel Easy Breezy Parties

Cakes and Take-Home Treats

Isabella’s Mum didn’t want to overload the children with lots of desserts or big bags of lollies. So rather than have dessert, plus birthday cake, I set out a make-your-own sundae station (which the kids loved), and the cupcakes were packaged up for the children to take home. I also created party bags with name labels, and the kids put in things they acquired throughout the party – their DIY tiaras, the citizens of Arundel figurines, and a small lolly won in the pass-the-parcel.

After the party, Isabella will be sending out some Frozen thank-you cards, which I made from blank cards and printed character stickers.

The best thank-you I could get was Isabella’s rapt declaration that “This was the best day of my life!” Awww…

The After-Party

Of course, the party doesn’t quite stop for me once all the kids go home. There’s so much to clear up and pack up. Melbourne’s ever changeable weather stepped in to quicken up this process – a freak gust of wind blew a trestle table over and up-ended my marquee! Thank goodness that didn’t happen during party time. Lessons learnt for next time about reinforcing tables and sand-bagging.


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