Fun activities for your Star Wars party, plus FREE Jedi Academy printables.

Everyone loves a Star Wars party! The next generation of fans has emerged, and Star Wars parties are all the rage.

It’s so much fun to run a Jedi Academy, where the younglings can be trained in the ways of the Jedi. This is a perfect way to keep boisterous kids entertained, and works well for children from age ~4-10 years.

As a bonus, I’ve included a free printable Jedi Academy poster, badges and certificate for you to download (they’re at the bottom of this post).

Star Wars Jedi Academy free printable certificate

Looking for a stellar party invitation? Check out my printable Star Wars party invite.

Star Wars invitation printable file


The Jedi Academy

I’ve framed the training activities in terms of essential Jedi traits, followed by a presentation ceremony and Jedi Wars.

A Jedi Must Focus

“Close your eyes, focus your feelings and use the force.”

Teach the young Jedis the art of concentration with an old-fashioned egg-and-spoon race. Give each child a plastic or foam egg and a spoon, then get them to take turns walking a certain distance. To make things tricky, hold up a hoop or two for them to step through while holding their egg.

A Jedi Must Be Agile

Create an obstacle course to test the agility of the young Jedi.

Start with a web of laser-beams – either using tent pegs and red wool outdoors, or red crepe streamers taped across a hallway indoors.  Then create additional obstacles using whatever you have to hand – wooden balance beams, stepping stones, hitting a ball along the ground with a pool noodle – followed by a distance they have to run across while you spray them with silly string (‘the Emperor’s electricity).

Star Wars Jedi Academy activities

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Get the detailed instructions on how I run all of these games, in the Complete Star Wars Party Plan. I provide all my pro tips for a less frazzled party experience, based on over 15 years of running kid’s parties and school workshops!

DIY Star Wars party planning guide


A Jedi Must Fight Well

And now it came time to learn some lightsaber skills. Create lightsabers using pool noodles and a printable lightsaber hilt (these are included in my Complete Star Wars Party Plan) or tape the end with silver electrical tape. Have an adult demonstrate some basic saber strokes for the children to practice, then pair them up to practice blocking each other’s strokes. If you have a suitable volunteer, this would be a perfect time for a visit from Darth Vadar, who can invite each of the children to duel with him. Otherwise, have fun simply blowing bubbles while the kids run around popping them. It’s a simple activity, but they’ll love it!

A Jedi Must Play Fair

Young kids just love a good game of pass the parcel, and so I have incorporated it into the Jedi Academy. Run the game as normal, with a Star Wars themed central prize and something small (such as themed stickers, pencils or explosive popping candy) wrapped into each layer for every child. (See my hints on how to wrap a pass the parcel here).Awards Ceremony

After all that training, declare the younglings as having mastered the Jedi arts. They can now be recognised as Jedi Knights and receive their gradutation certificate (download for free). And without further ado, it’s time for…

Jedi Wars!

Arm the kids with buckets of water balloons (and silly string if you like), and stand back! If you want to keep things under control, divide the children into two groups and get them to stand far enough apart that the balloons won’t land with force.

Download your free Star Wars Jedi Academy Printables here. 

Looking for more? You’ll find a whole galaxy of ideas for Star Wars themed decorations, food and party favours in the Complete Star Wars Party Plan. Or if you’re just after a little touch of Star Wars, here’s a Star Wars invitation, and some printable Star Wars decorations.

Star Wars Jedi Academy party plan


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