Need some easy ideas for kid’s party decorations? How about 20 of them?!!

In my job as a party planner, I decorate a LOT of kid’s parties. I’ve learnt a thing or two about kids party decorations. I know what works well…and I also know what takes a lot of time but ends up looking blah.

Here I’ve collated 20 of my favourite kid’s party decorating ideas that give you maximum visual bang with minimum fuss. They all look awesome and they’re all easy to do. Just perfect for the party DIYer. Happy decorating!

Balloon and bunting party decorations

Photos by Silvergum Photography

1. Bunched balloons on a weight

You don’t need to fill your room with balloons to have them looking great. If limitations in your budget or car space only allow for a handful of helium balloons, tie a bunch of 5 balloons to a weight, with the strings at varying heights. Place these bunches in the corners of rooms, in the entryway, or next to your food buffet table.

2. Balloon table centrepieces

For a really easy table centrepieces that fill the room with colour, tie 3 balloons to a weight at varying heights, with the lowest starting at around 60cm high, and place them on the centre of your table. Why 60cm high? That’s so your guests can see each other across the table, and not be talking to a bunch of balloons.

3. Mini bunting

Bunting has experienced a resurgence in popularity, and has become a firm decorating favourite. The problem with full sized bunting, though, is it takes a lot of time to string up. So I like to use ‘mini bunting’, or shorter lengths of it. String it across doorways, the front of your buffet table, your child’s chair or highchair.

Kids party table centrepiece

Photos by Silvergum Photography

3. Potted decorations

For every party I do, I make a whole heap of these potted decorations, and place them on tables, amoungst the food, on shelves, even in the bathroom. They are are a really quick and easy way to bring your theme and some colour to empty spaces. Start with a decorative bucket or flower pot, fill with stones, plastic gems, foam or even a pot plant, then stick in some skewers with cut out pictures, letters or numbers on top. You can buy ready-cut pieces from scrapbooking suppliers, or make your own by printing on card and then laminating.

5. Printed signs

Just like the potted decorations, I tend to make up lots of little signs for each of my parties, to place wherever there are gaps. Purchase some cheap photo frames, find some printables to suit your theme, and you have an instant decoration. You can buy loads of themed party printable signs on Etsy (including in my Etsy shop), or search for free printables on Pinterest. I’ve got a great collection on my ‘free printables’ Pinterest board.

party decorations 2 inch circles

6. 2 inch circles

I cannot tell you how much I like using 2 inch circles! They are a printable design in a circle that is – you guessed it – 2 inches wide. You can buy 2 inch cutters from craft shops to punch them out. You can stick them on toothpicks to make cake toppers, on party bags as bag tags, on a ribbon to decorate candy jars…there are so many possibilities. You can buy loads of themed printable circles on Etsy (including in my Etsy shop), or find some freebies on Pinterest.

Bonus: For lots more ideas on how to use party printables, download my free guide right here.

7. Candy jars

What makes a candy buffet look so great? The colourful candy jars! Filling a pretty jar with lollies and popping a ribbon and tag on top has to be one of the easiest ways to bring colour to your table. The bonus, of course, is that the candy doubles as a take home treat. You’ll get the best visual effect if you use large jars with interesting shapes, rather than small jam jars, and be sure to top with a ribbon. Group your jars together – even a modest grouping of 3 jars can look great.

party bags with balloon tied to them

Bag and balloon photo from

8. Pretty party bags

Decorate up store-bought party bags by adding a printed tag or doily. You can find plenty of printable themed tags in Etsy or on Pinterest, or buy scrapbooking cutouts. You can stick your tags on directly, or make them look extra special by attaching with a ribbon. Alternatively, use a paper doily stapled or pinned on with a mini clothes peg. Don’t forget to put your bags out on display, to fully utilise their decorative effect.

9. Tie a balloon to each party bag

Your bags will look extra special with a helium balloon tied to each one, and the children can then each take home a balloon.

Pink party photo by Silvergum Photography; Nautical party photo by Colourshades Photography.

10. Tie a balloon to each chair

You can also tie helium balloons to each child’s chair. Once again, they can then take their balloon home at the end of the party.

11. Chair tutus

Purchase cheap child’s dress-up tutus and place them at the top of the chair legs, just under the seat. These look fabulous on Ikea’s very popular mamut stools.

12. Welcome sign

Set the tone for the party and get people excited from the moment they enter the room, by sticking a big welcome sign in the doorway. A3 (poster) sized signs look great, but if you only have access to an standard paper sized printer, mount the printed page on a larger piece of coloured card and place it in a large frame to give it that extra oomph. Group together with a potted decoration, balloon or mini bunting to make even more of an impact. Once again, head to Etsy or Pinterest for printable signs. I include welcome signs in all of my printable decoration packs.

Want detailed advice on how to prepare and run your entire kid’s party? Check out the ‘Essential Kid’s Party Planning Guide‘.

Honeycomb ball party decorations

14. Paper honeycomb balls, fans and lanterns

These are cheap to buy, take about 2 seconds to prepare, and look fantastic hung in groups from the ceiling. Honeycomb balls also look great piled at the base of your buffet table. Note that I do not recommend using paper pom poms. They take forever to fluff out, and it’s almost impossible to get them looking even!

15. Beaded strings on those paper balls and lanterns

If you’re partying outdoors, hanging decorations can get thrown around in the breeze. To help keep them steady while adding a nice decorative touch, thread some beads on a string and stick these to the base of your balls. Alternatively, attach a string of tassels or circular cutouts.

Using wrapping paper for decoration on party tables

Nautical party photo by Colourshades Photography.

16. Wrapping paper as a table runner

For every party I do, I buy several rolls of wrapping paper. I use it as table runners, and also to cover bench tops or shelves that would otherwise look a little drab. If your paper is too wide, just fold it lengthways to suit. And purchase paper on a roll rather than folded, so there’s no crease marks.

17. Layered table cloths

I like to layer a long white cloth on bottom that covers the table legs, followed by a plastic table cloth on top to add colour and protection, followed by a runner for yet more colour and depth. You can even drape your runners vertically so they hang down the centre front of the table. Using mutliple cloths like this makes a big difference, and takes your party table from ho-hum to professional looking.

18. Gorgeous backdrops

If you’re laying out food, desserts or candy jars on a special buffet table, you can make it look extra special by adding a backdrop. Push your table against a wall and decorate the wall behind. I create most of my backdrops on a giant piece of cardboard or an art canvas, and then use removable 3M velcro sticky hooks to secure it to the wall. This way, I can make the backdrop ahead of time, then simply pop it in place on party day. Other ideas are to stick paper fans or twisted streamers to the wall, or drape a curtain from a portable clothes rack placed behind the table. To see some of these ideas in action, check out my party decorating Pinterest board.

Kids party table settings plates and bottles

Pink party photo by Silvergum Photography

19. Layered table settings

Make your disposable table settings look a little bit fancy by layering several plates together. Use different size plates, and even different shapes. You can also layer up individual placemats, serviettes, drink bottles, even party hats or favours.

20. Labelled drink bottles

Not only do these look good, but providing a drink bottle for each child is very practical. Pop tops are great because they are non-spill, and they can be refilled with water as needed. Labels are also useful for writing each child’s name on their own drink bottle. You can find printable drink bottle wrappers on Etsy and Pinterest, including in my Etsy printables shop and on my free printables Pinterest board.

Looking for more party how-to’s? The Essential Kid’s Party Planning Guide contains all my top tips gleaned from years of party planning experience. From choosing a venue to entertainment to party food, and including bonus party planning checklists.

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