Need some great Ninja Warrior obstacle course ideas for your next party? They’re right here – along with a free printable Ninja Warrior Certificate.

Ninja Warrior is an awesome party theme for keeping active kids thoroughly engaged – including those hard-to-entertain tween boys. Set up a Ninja Warrior obstacle course, and you’ll provide them with plenty of physical challenges and action. Your home will be safe from the enthusiastic hordes while the kids are outside pitting themselves against the course!

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Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Ideas

The Ninja Warrior TV show centres around a mammoth obstacle course, and contestants have to show skill and strength to complete it.

For your party, you can create your own awesome kid-friendly Ninja Warrior obstacle course in your back yard or the local park. There are some amazing wooden obstacle courses on Pinterest, built by parents skilled in carpentry and the use of power-tools. They look awesome…but you don’t have to go to that length. Take a look around your house and yard, and think up ways to utilise what you already have.

Ninja warrior obstacle course ideas

Here a big list of ideas to get you started:

  • Make a tunnel of pool noodles that have been slotted on to dowel stakes stuck in the ground
  • Place a beam of wood on low blocks/ wooden offcuts to form a balance beam
  • Place plastic cones on the ground in a zig-zag and run around them
  • Lay hoops or stepping stones on the ground and hop from one to the other
  • Tie hoops upright between stakes (or get adults to hold them up) and jump through them
  • Make hurdles out of PVC piping, elbow joins and stands, which you can buy from hardware stores
  • Jump over a tower of cushions (keep some on the other side for a soft landing)
  • Lay pool noodles or bamboo canes on top of upturned buckets or chairs to create hurdles that kids can step over or crawl under
  • Lay a ladder on the ground and run between the rungs
  • Crawl through a play tunnel
  • Hang pool noodles from a clothes line to form a curtain the kids have to walk through
  • Lay tyres or inflatable rings on the ground to run through
  • Make a lazer-maze on the ground by tying fluorescent builders’ twine or crepe streamers between garden stakes or tent pegs
  • Hang water balloons under a table or bench, and get the kids to crawl along under them
  • Use any play equipment you have in your yard or park, to climb over, swing along or slide down
  • For warmer weather, incorporate a slip-n-slide at the finish

Now, there’s a few tips and tricks about running an obstacle course, that I’d like to share with you, based on many years’ experience of running kid’s party and school workshops. I have particular ways to organise things so the kids don’t go completely crazy or injure themselves. You can download all my pro tips in my Ninja Warrior Party Kit….and save yourself learning by trail and error as I have!

More Ninja Warrior Party Ideas

Add to the party fun by incorporating some more ‘challenges’, and rewarding the kids with a certificate of completion in your own Winner’s Ceremony.  There’s a whole heap of extra activities you can play, and I’ve hand-picked the games that I know work best for groups of highly energetic kids. For my money, these games are winners:

  • Laser Maze Challenge
  • Rescuing The Victim
  • Ninja Star Toss
  • Water Balloon Bomb Challenge
  • Warrior Dash
  • Bubble Chop Challenge

I’ve included detailed instructions on how to set up and play these games in my Ninja Warrior Party Kit. All the games are super-fun, cheap and straight-forward to run, and guaranteed to please. And I’ve included a printable poster, name badges, plus a complete supply list to make things even easier.

Ninja Warrior Party Kit


FREE Printable Ninja Warrior Certificate

Reward the little Ninjas with a Certificate of Completion for successfully making it through the obstacle course (and any other challenges you’ve set them). Just download, print, fill in their name and sign.

Printable Ninja Warrior Certificate

Download your free Printable Ninja Warrior Certificate here. 

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