How I love a challenging party theme! This is just what I got when Saskia ordered a combined Harry Potter and Percy Jackson party from Easy Breezy Parties.

The Themes – A Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Party

While I’m very familiar with Harry Potter (and have run numerous Potter themed parties), Percy Jackson is new to me. So my first step was to take a quick crash course in all things Percy, courtesy of the movie ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.’ It was thoroughly enjoyable, and I learnt quite a bit about Greek mythology.

There are quite a few parallels between this mythological world and that of Harry Potter. While it did take some creative thinking to pull the two themes together into one ‘Magical and Mythical’ party, they ended up slotting together very well, and birthday girl Saskia was thrilled with the result.

Potter and Percy Jackson Party Decorations

The focal point for the party decorations was this elaborate decorative buffet, showcasing a spooky make-your-own ‘I-Scream’ station, Polyjuice Potion mixing bar, and an eclectic array of Percy Jackson themed props.

Percy Jackson party and Harry Potter party candy buffet by Easy Breezy Parties

On one side of the buffet stood replicas I had made of Posiedon’s trident and Athena’s sword. I’d also added wings to a pair of cast-off Converse sneakers, to turn them into demigod Luke’s winged shoes.

Next came the make-your-own sundae station, where the kids could top their icecream with delicious ‘rat’s droppings’ (choc dots), ‘tadpole hearts’ (mini Smarties), ‘exploding pixie puffs’ (popping candy) and mummified marshmallows.

Polyjuice Potion mixing station

There was also a Polyjuice mixing bar, with ingredients such as ‘dragon’s milk’ (coconut milk), ‘eye of newt’ (soaked tapioca balls) and ‘elves’ blood’ (pomegranate juice).

Bertie Botts every flavour beans and chocolate frog Harry Potter party favours

Harry Potter Themed Party Favours

Also on the table were the party favours – Harry Potter themed bags of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, and boxes of chocolate frogs. I purchased the artwork for these off Etsy.

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Potter and Jackson Themed Party Games

Birthday girl Saskia had put a lot of thought into the games she wanted to play at her party, and she also wanted her parents to be very much a part of proceedings, just like they had for previous birthdays. We organised a planning meeting over Skype, so I could listen to all Saskia’s ideas and make sure I would deliver the party she wanted.

Sorting Into Teams

For the party games, the kids were divided into teams, and each team would be awarded points throughout the activities. The sorting process was marvellously elaborate – it started with the sorting hat being placed on each kid’s head, Harry Potter style, whereupon they would pick a ‘magical’ or ‘mythical’ token out of a cauldron. From there, they would take a cupcake from either a ‘magical’ or ‘mythical’ plate, bite into the cupcake, and a colour would be revealed (Saskia’s mum had been busy baking cupcakes with coloured smarties inside). The colour determined whether they would be in team Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Posiedon or Athena.

Stealing Medusa’s Pearls

Sorting done, it was time for the first game. In the Percy Jackson movie, the heroes must follow clues to find four blue pearls, the last of which is protected by Medusa. So we created a game which allowed the kids to act out this quest.

Saskia’s Dad came up with an amazing series of clues for each team, leading them around the house, out into the nearby park and back again, ending in the garden shed. There waiting patently amongst the cobwebs sat Mum, in a Medusa Mask decorated with plastic snakes. Around her were four pearls (rubber balls). The kids had to sneak in to get a pearl – but they’d been warned that looking at Medusa would turn them to stone. To this end, I’d placed a few hand mirrors outside the shed. Despite several kids being frozen in the attempt, each team eventually captured their pearl, and points were awarded.

Half Quidditch

Quidditch is a game that involves flying through the air on broomsticks to throw ‘quaffles’ (aka balls) through hoops. Given that real kids can’t fly, and the average backyard is smaller than a regulation quidditch pitch, I’ve come up with ‘half quidditch’, where one kid straddles a broom, runs towards a hoop on a stick and throws his quaffle, while two more kids attempt to hit him with ‘bludger’ balls from alongside. Each team scores a point for every quaffle that makes it through the hoop. It’s a bit of a crazy game, and my quidditch hoops ended up mauled, plus one bludger flew over the neighbour’s fence, but hey, it was still fun!

Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Quiz

After all that running around, it was time for some more sedate activity inside. Saskia and I had created a quiz between us – she came up with Percy Jackson questions, while I called on my love of all this Hogwartian to create the Potter questions. The kids worked in teams and scored a point for every correct answer. I was surprised at how well the kids new their subject matter, and by the end of this quiz we had a winner….Team Athena! The team members got to take home a replica of the House Cup, made from the finest goblin’s gold.

At the end of the party, the young folk disappeared back from whence they came, with chocolate frogs and every flavour beans as reward for their endeavours. And I packed down my magical world and returned the house to it’s normal Muggle state.

Percy Jackson and Harry Potter party signs

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