It’s time to be a hero! And you will be (in the eyes of your little PJ Mask party fan) with these super PJ Mask Party Ideas.

PJ Mask has captured the imagination of our children. They are superheroes that little kids can relate to – they’re pint-sized, they wear PJs, and tackle not-so-scary villains. They are also perfect inspiration for your next party theme, especially for kids aged 3-5 years old.

It's time to be a hero!


PJ Mask Party Ideas

Here is my pick of fabulous PJ Mask party games. I’ve chosen activities that are easy to prepare and run, that will keep energetic little kids thoroughly engaged, and that use affordable, easy-to-find supplies.

You’ll find games for each PJ Mask character, plus extras that suit any superhero theme. I’d recommend picking 4-6 of your favourite games from the list below, for a standard 1.5 to 2 hour party.

  • Become A Hero – Dress-up craft
  • Owlette Treasure Hunt
  • Superhero Training Obstacle Course
  • Catboy Speed Race
  • Gekko Hide And Seek
  • Luna Girl’s Moonball Juggle – Balloon juggling game
  • Villain Tie Up – Wrap up and rescue your friends
  • Pin The Mask On The Hero instructions
  • Night Ninja Sticky Splat Slime recipe
  • Romeo’s Vinegar Volcanoes experiment

Become a Hero

Create a dress-up activity station for the kids to do while they wait for everyone to arrive. Provide some cardboard superhero masks, cut cape shapes out of material and lay out stick-on gems, foam shapes, textas, etc for the kids to get creative. You can download free PJ Mask printable masks here, plus there’s links to additional mask and cape patterns in my PJ Mask Party Kit.

Owlette Treasure Hunt

Use your super owl-eye vision to find treasures hidden in the garden! Hide lots of themed treasures like rubber lizard ‘Gekko’s, toy cat-cars and Night Ninja glow sticks, then get the kids to find as many as they can.

Get the detailed instructions on how I run all of these games, in the PJ Mask Party Kit. I provide all my pro tips for a less frazzled party experience, based on over 15 years of running kid’s parties and school workshops!

PJ Mask Party Kit

Superhero Training Obstacle Course

Superheroes need to be adept and jumping, crawling and moving through obstacles when rescuing their victims! Use what you have on hand to create an obstacle course that tests each superhero’s agility. I’ve included lots of tips on how to build an awesome obstacle course in my PJ Mask Party Kit. My favourite thing to include is a laser maze!

Superhero obstacle course

Catboy Speed Race

Test the kids’ super-speed skills with a running race. Add a twist by dividing the kids into teams, giving them each a plastic cup and having them race to stack the cups on a table at one end of the space. This requires speed and accuracy!

Gekko Hide And Seek

Apoint one child to be Night Ninja, and arm then with a beachball ‘sticky splat’. While they count to 20, the rest of the kids hide. They then have to sneak back to base without getting hit by the sticky splat ball.

Luna Girls’ Moonball Juggle

Blow up 2 balloon ‘moonballs’ and see who can keep them from falling to the ground and crushing everyone, for a whole minute. There’s also a few other ways of playing a moonball game, which I’ve included in my PJ Mask Party Kit.

Villian Tie-Up

The kids will have an absolute ball tying parents, or each other, to a chair, using crepe paper streamers. They can also then race to untie their victims, like true superheroes. I also play an hilarious version of this game where kids get tied up back-to-back and have to stumble over to the superheroes to get rescued. I’ve outlined exactly how I play this in the PJ Mask Party Kit.

Pin The Mask On The Hero

Just like pin the tail on the donkey, only hero-ier! Use a poster to make up your own game, or head to Etsy to find a printable game (search for ‘PJ Mask game’).

Night Ninja Sticky Splat Slime

Head to Romeo’s Lab to create ooey gooey sticky-splat slime, which the kids can then bag up and take home. You can view my Night Ninja Sticky Splat Slime recipe here.

Romeos Lab party ideas

Romeo’s Vinegar Volcano Experiment

More messy mayhem! This experiment is especially good for really little kids, as it’s not too complex, and creates lots of froth that’s fun to run hands (and toy cat-cars) through. Basically, you fill half a jar with vinegar, add a squirt of dishwashing liquid (soap), and stir in a heaped spoon of bicarbonate soda (baking soda). Add colour and glitter for extra fun. Full instructions in the PJ Mask Party Kit

So there it is, 10 awesome activities that are guaranteed to please little PJ Mask fans. Have fun being a hero!

Get detailed activity instructions, supply lists plus bonus printables in the PJ Mask Party Kit.

PJ Mask Party Kit     

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