We’ve all gone crazy for Pokemon Go! Take the game and turn it into a fabulously active party for energetic kids. The online game is so incredibly simple that even a game-phobe parent like me can pick it up instantly. As soon as I started playing, I could see the party potential in Pokemon Go. In the game, the characters, ‘trainers’, run around finding hidden Pokemon, then pelt them with PokeBalls. Which translates perfectly into a treasure hunt and throwing game. So I’ve studied up on Pokemon Go (and if you need to do the same, this article is a great starting point), and translated it all into an awesome party plan. The plan uses games that I know kids love (I’ve been entertaining kids for around 15 years). Both you and the kids are going to love it! (Note: none of these games require access to the real Pokemon Go game on your phone. Yay.)

Want the downloadable version? Access my printable Pokemon Go Party Kit here. 

Party Arrival Activities

As the kids arrive at the party, you can have an activity set up for them to work on while they wait for everyone else. For little kids, lay out some Pokemon colouring pages and pencils. If your school aged kids are familiar with Pokemon cards, they can draw their own using this template. Kids of all ages will love to make their own Pokemon. Lay out playdoh plus lots of little bits and pieces such as pipe cleaners, cut up straws, googly eyes, feathers, even dried pasta. Get the kids to design their own Pokemon. You can even take photos and upload them to this website, and have an adult print off their own Pokemon cards ready to take home at the end of the party.

Make playdoh pokemon

Image above left by Silvergum Photgography; right from mypokecard.com

Assigning The Trainers

You can choose to divide the children into teams for the activities – this can be a really good idea to help control larger groups. The teams are:

  • Red – Team name ‘Valour’
  • Blue – Team name ‘Mystic’
  • Yellow – Team name ‘Instinct’

Give the kids a coloured ribbon, sash, badge or cap to denote their teams – or download this printable badge, which will fit a lanyard holder. These ID badges are included in my Pokemon Go Party Kit. Printable Pokemon posters and trainer badges

Keep a small chalkboard or white board handy to write down team scores as you play the games.

Party Games

Now for the extra fun part – the crazy Pokemon Go runaround party games! Below are a whole host of activities you can choose from.  I have a heap of hard-won wisdom to impart on how to prepare for and run these games successfully. I’ve put it all together in a downloadable Pokemon Go Party Kit, which you can use to ensure your party does not descend into chaos. For school children (aged roughly 5 or 6 years plus), I suggest choosing 4-6 activities (inclusive of the arrival craft if you decide to do that one) to fill up to 1.5 hours. For younger children, I’d recommend the arrival activity plus ~3 others. You will then still have time for food and cake, a bit of free play or opening presents.

  • Let’s Hunt Pokemon – A treasure hunt for hidden Pokemon and PokeStops with bonus PokeBalls and PokeCoins. I’ve included instructions on how to make and source all of these things, plus some handy PokeBall and PokeStop printables, in the party kit.
  • Catching Pokemon – A throwing games such as a tin can knockdown or beanbag toss. For the most fun of all, turn a game of hide-and-seek into human Pokemon hunting with a giant beach ball PokeBall.
  • Hatching Eggs – Have a relay race where the kids run their eggs a certain distance in an egg-and-spoon race, before hatching them by smashing them open. Plaster of paris dinosaur eggs make this really fun (I buy them from Kmart).
  • PokeStop Prize Board – Create a punch board with hidden prizes. Full instructions in the party kit.
  • PokeBall Pinata – I’ve linked to an excellent video tutorial in the party kit. This one does take some serious preparation time! Pass the PokeParcel – Because kids still love this traditional party game.
  • Musical PokeBalls – A new take on musical chairs that has kids diving for PokeBalls instead of chairs.
  • Pokemon Gym Battle – Arm the kids with nerf guns, silly string, etc and let them battle! I have included my pro tips on how to keep this game safe in the party kit.

During all of these games, you’ll be able to add points to the teams’ scores.

Pokemon ball pinata and golf balls

Pokemon party game ideas

Images above from Sunny Happenings, Pinterest (source unknown), The Family Life, , MLouis Is Pink.

The Winning Team

Now it’s time to tally up the team’s points and declare one team the ‘champions’ of the party. You can hand out toy cups or medals to  the winners. And, due to the fantastic game skills shown during the party, you can declare that everyone has achieved the status of Super Trainer, and hand out certificates. You can download this printable certificate in the Pokemon Go Party Kit. Pokemon go party printable trainer certificate

Pokemon Candy Buffet

Pokemon eat candy, and each Pokemon eats it’s own type of candy. So Pidgeot eats pidgy-candy and so on. You can set up a fun candy buffet with labels for each type of candy on the jars, and let the kids fill up bags to take home. A fun way of doing this is to have a ‘candy shop’ where the kids trade in  PokeCoins they’ve collectd during the games, for candy. Of course, you’ll want to let every kid take a fair share, no matter how many coins they’ve collected, but you can let the children with the most coins have first turn at serving themselves. Now…go out and Catch ‘Em All!

Download complete activity instructions with the Pokemon Go Party Kit


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