Jamie’s Harry Potter Potions 11th Birthday Party

Jamie and his family love Harry Potter! So for his 11th birthday they asked Easy Breezy Parties to transfigurate his house into an Hogwartian abode, and to lead the first years through a potions masterclass. What a great party it turned out to be!

We held a Potions Masterclass, played balloon quidditch, and used the Marauder’s Map to find treasures. There was a banquet in the Great Hall and a trip to Warlock’s Ice-Creamery. Here was a sundae station with a difference – toppings include dessicated pixie wings, slivered gurdy-roots and a cauldron full of eye balls!

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Download my Harry Potter party plan, printable decorations and invitation here

Party decoration and entertainment by Easy Breezy Parties.
Photography by Silvergum Photography.