Casey’s Explosive Mad Science Party

What an awesome mad science party!

Seven-year-old boys can be a hard group to entertain, with their short attention spans and exuberant energy levels. But this Mad Scientist theme provided the perfect antidote, with hands-on experiments and lots of exploding fun.

On party day, I set up an experiment table outside with a plastic tablecloth for spills, and laid out bowls and spoons ready for the first experiment. Upon arrival, each of the children donned an apron and some Einstein-inspired headgear, then selected a security badge with a silly name like ‘Doctor Blastoff’ or ‘Assistant Splat’.

Then it was into the laboratory, to make flubber, explode vinegar volcanoes, play pin-the-bow-tie-on-the-scientist, and let off an amazing Coke and Mentos geyser.

The kids had an absolute blast…and I have to say, so did I!

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Party entertainment by Easy Breezy Parties
Photography by Sean Amarasinghe