Deus’¬†Octonauts 4th Birthday Party

For Deus’ 4th birthday, his Mum hired Easy Breezy Parties to decorate the local community hall and turn it into an Octonauts themed underwater fantasy land. As the children arrived, they were directed ‘To The Launch Bay’, where a bright blue, orange and sea green Octonauts themed buffet awaited them. In front of this was a long party table, all laid out with matching place settings and Octonauts labeled drink bottles.

But before the food, there were lots of activities and party games to enjoy, also organised by Easy Breezy Parties. As they arrived, each child decorated their own treasure box., before heading outside for an Octonauts themed treasure hunt. Other games included the magnetic fishing game, pass the parcel and Pin The Eye Patch on Kwazi.

Then it was time to eat the party food, with a make-your-own sundae station and birthday cake for dessert. Finally, all the little Octonauts headed home with party bags full of fish-shaped crayons and an Octonauts themed alphabet matching game.

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Party decoration and entertainment by Easy Breezy Parties.
Photography by Silvergum Photography