3…2…1…Blastoff! Here’s a fabulous rocket and space party, with ‘out of this world’ space party ideas.

Benjamin loves everything to do with rockets and space, and for his fourth birthday I was hired to provide themed entertainment for him and his ten friends.


I created Benjamin’s very cute party invitation using this free space notepaper.

Space party ideas Easy Breezy Parties

Rocket Craft

We started off the party by making our very own rockets out of pool noodles. I pre-cut the noodles, then we plugged one end of the hole with a pom pom, added popsicle stick fins and a cardboard cone nose. Lastly, the kids decorated their rockets with stick-on foam shapes and jewels. There were some great looking rockets!

I had a rocket launcher that the pool noodles could be placed on. The kids were very excited to jump on the pump and watch their handiwork fly.

Treasure Hunt

Next it time to explore outer space (ie: the garden) and find some treasures – popping space rocks, inflatable aliens, glowing planets, space critters and rocket bookmarks. These last I created using clip art, a printer, laminator and silver ribbon. Once the kids had gathered their treasures, we had fun blowing up the alien-faced balloons and letting them fly.

Space party ideas Melbourne

Balloon Rocket Race

Next we held a balloon rocket race. I made two ‘rockets’ by covering toilet rolls with paper and sticking on a printed rocket (you can find plenty of printable rockets on my Space Party Pinterest board).

I then tied two strings to the back of a chair. What you do is place a toilet roll rocket on each string, blow up a balloon (pinch but don’t tie off the end), then sticky tape the balloon to the rocket. This requires extra helping hands!

Your two competitors then hold the string taught with one hand, and the balloon in the other. At the words “Ready, set, blastoff!”, they let go of the balloons and watch the rockets fly along the string, propelled by the air being expelled from the balloon. The first rocket to reach the far end wins.

Pin The Flames On The Rocket

Benjamin’s mum had worked as a graphic designer, and so was able to create a wonderful poster for this game using clip-art from the internet. The kids then had fun pinning on flames that I’d cut out of orange paper.

We also played pass-the-parcel, with popping space rocks (popping candy) hidden in each layer.

Rocket party ideas

More Rocket Launching Fun

As this was a party for preschoolers, and concentration spans aren’t that long, I had a few informal activities that the kids could do at their own pace. I set up the rocket launcher with a rocket that trails bubbles, along with some pull-string helicopter launchers, and let the kids play with these at their own pace. I also had paper-plane making supplies, but didn’t need to use them.

Party Food Time

I was hired to entertain at this party, and not to do any decorating, but I wanted to share the above photo of the fantastic set-up created by Benjamin’s mum. The ‘planets’ she’d hung above the food table looked fabulous, made out of black paper lanterns with rings of star tinsel and foil around them.

After their out-of-this-world feast, it was time for the little astronauts to come back down to earth and head home.


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