Jaden loves Thomas the Tank Engine! For his 6th birthday, Easy Breezy Parties were hired to provide decorations, sit down party tables, party favours and themed entertainment.

Terrific Thomas The Tank Engine Party Decorations

The focal point of the party decorations was a Thomas the Train themed decorative buffet table. I created a very colourful backdrop by mounting fake grass on an art canvas, adding Thomas themed bunting flags, plus a ‘Knapford’ station sign. It really looked fabulous behind the table and help set the scene.

Thomas the tank engine train party buffet by Easy Breezy Parties

On the party table were several jars of lollies, plus popcorn cups. I created two trains to house the popcorn cups. The engines were made using a printable Thomas train pattern I found on Etsy (sadly no longer available). Then I added carriages made from cut-up cardboard boxes. They formed a very cute centrepiece which the kids loved.

Thomas the tank engine train party decorations by Easy Breezy Parties

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Bags

Jaden’s mum didn’t want too much candy at the party, so I also added some party favours to the layout. They included baskets of Thomas mini figuirines, plus giant bubble wands wrapped with printed Thomas labels, which I made up using Thomas clipart.

I had two sizes of party bags. First there were the little candy boxes, which I decorated with a Thomas sticker, and then there were larger brown paper bags that were big enough to house all the party favours and candy boxes. I created some green station signs with the children’s names on them, to stick to each party bag. It’s handy to name the bags, because then kids can store their game prizes and not lose them during the party.

Thomas the tank engine party bags

Other Party Tables

I decorated up a few additional tables – one for the birthday cake and food, one to receive presents, plus the sit down tables for the children to eat at. I made up more of the printable train boxes for each child (that’s a lot of cutting and pasting!), and used these to house a juice box. The kids had great fun playing with these trains after they had eaten, and they became another party favour to take home.

For all of my parties, I also create ‘potted decorations’, which are little flower pots with a fake plant plus some themed paper cutouts on skewers (in this case, little trains, station signs and railway crossing signs). These are great for placing around the room and for filling in empty spots on the party tables – see if you can spot them in the above photos.

Thomas the tank engine party cake

Cake by Amy Cake Design

Train Themed Party Games

I gave Jaden a big long list of activities to choose from, and he decided on the following activities. He didn’t want too many games, and the kids enjoyed a lot of free play time running around the hall and in the attached playground.

Train Themed Craft

For the start of the party, I laid out a craft table, and the kids worked on their craft while waiting for everyone to arrive. I made up blank boards with a string, that would become door hangers, and provided lots of cut out train clipart, paper square ‘carriages’, letters, gems and other stickers. The kids had great fun making their individual creations.

Train Themed Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a great way to run off that excess start-of-party energy. I hid some train themed prizes – including Thomas crayon boxes, plastic ‘train’ whistles, and cutout conductor’s hats and tickets – in the venue’s attached playground, gave the kids a card with pictures of things to find, then let them loose. I always like to have the kids bring all their treasures to me, to place them in a bucket, rather than keeping the things they find. That way I can later divide the loot evenly among the party bags.

Thomas the train treasure hunt and photo prop

Pin The Smoke Stack On Thomas

This was a fun take on the old ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ game. Usually I create these games myself for my themed parties, but this time I found the perfect Thomas themed game at Big W, so used that. The kids really enjoyed it and waited patiently for their turn (a minor miracle).

Thomas Themed Photo Booth

I also picked up the perfect Thomas the Train themed backdrop from Big W, which I pinned to the wall. I purchased these train themed photo booth props from Etsy, and had them nearby for the kids to pose with. Plus I made a very detailed and time consuming Thomas prop that the kids could poke their heads through. Sometimes I go to these extra lengths just because I’m having so much fun crafting!

Face Painting and Temporary Tattoos

My assistant and I also provided face painting and temporary tattoos. These are good activities to allow us some sitting down time! I like offering the tattoos as an alternative to face painting, because some children don’t like having their faces painted, but are willing to accept a small tattoo.

And that was the end of Jaden’s Thomas the Tank Engine party! After much running around, the kids gathered up their party favours and choo-choo’d off out the door, leaving blissful silence behind them. Phew!

Here’s a fun behind-the-scenes video I put together showing the hall before and after setup. Enjoy!

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Thomas the tank engine party ideas - decorations, party favours and games


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