Looking for some Very Hungry Caterpillar party ideas? Be inspired by this beautifully bright Very Hungry Caterpillar themed candy buffet, which I created for a cheerful little boy’s first birthday.

When Oliver turned one, his mum, who is a very creative soul, went all out decorating for his first birthday party. With the help of friends and family, she hand-made Very Hungry Caterpillar party themed bibs for all of his baby friends, created individual colourng books, hung strands of pom pom bunting across the room and laid out a wonderful banquet of all of the Hungry Caterpillars favourite foods.

This buffet was designed to fill approximately 25 party bags for adults (the parents need their treats too!), and used around 8 kilograms of lollies plus 36 lollypops.

Very Hungry Caterpillar candy buffet by Easy Breezy Parties

To create a central focal point for the table, I built a candy tower by stacking two cake stands and a decorative jar on top of each other, then adding 500gm of Smarties and Jelly Beans to each layer. It looked great, and was easy for guests to grab a few lollies in passing.

To create tall items to frame the sides of the buffet table, I used tall vases to house long-stemmed lolly pops. Each vase was lined with tissue paper and had a piece of styrofoam inside to hold the lollypops up. I also stuck a pinwheel on the back of each vase for extra colour and height.

Very Hungry Caterpillar party lollipops

Lollypops are tricky things to prop up…many candy buffets use jars full of jellybeans to stand them in, but this adds to the cost to the buffet, and those jellybeans probably won’t get eaten. Instead, I placed a square of styrofoam inside a box, which I then decorated, poked holes in the lid and stood the lollypops up in those.

Another issue I have with the presentation of many candy buffets is that jars are often chosen for form over function. Many decorative jars with lids are actually difficult to get a scoop or tongs inside. Because I wanted this buffet to be eaten, I used two trifle bowls to hold jellies. Nice and easy to access!

Very Hungry Caterpillar party bags

The selection of lollies also included a lot of Caramello Koalas and Freddo Frogs – very yummy, but the indivudually wrapped chocolates don’t display very well. So those were served up inside pretty white pot-plant holders from Ikea, and in lidded jars.

To create the buffet backboard, I covered a large art canvas with wrapping paper and twisted crepe paper streamers. This I then framed using a plastic table cloth cut in half lengthways, and the remaining half of the cloth was laid on the table. The whole buffet was also framed by stands of helium balloons.

I also hand-made bunting by printing off Very Hungry Caterpillar food pictures and attaching them to ribbon. This took a looong time to create (all that cutting!), but the effect was well worth the effort.

Very Hungry Caterpillar bunting

I absolutely loved creating this candy buffet, and was so pleased that the guests also found it delightful, and tucked into the lollies, too. Best of all, I was invited to stay for the party and got to enjoy a banquet fit for a very hungry caterpillar indeed.

Happy birthday Ollie! 

Very Hungry Caterpillar first birthday

Image credits: Buffet table photographed by Silvergum Photography, with baby Oliver captured by Sean Amarasinghe.

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